Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fairy Godmothers

I still believe in fairy godmothers!

Yesterday I went shopping for a ball gown for the annual Christmas Ball (The Winter Wonderland Celebration). This is not my favorite activity. Fundamentally I have a major issue spending money on clothes that can only be worn once. Needless to say I put it off and put it off for weeks now. It was “do or die” time for me so I headed to Angie’s Boutique to try on some gowns. The first gown was a maroon number that must have had 100 yards of fabric. It was too small (or maybe I was too big) and as Angie tried to zip it up the zipper broke. Horrified I stood there trapped inside miles of maroon taffeta wondering if Angie had gone to call 911 for a ball-gown-gone-bad rescue. I was crying tears of shame and cursing myself for procrastinating when I heard the faint jingle of the bells on the boutique door. Eventually I Houdini-ed out and shimmied into the second dress; a beautiful chocolate gown. Walking out of the dressing room I heard a gasp, “you look so beautiful”… it was my fairy godmother. She had arrived and not a moment too soon.

Her name is Ellen and she was ordering a sandwich and while waiting had wandered into Angie’s shop. She stayed with me for over an hour while I tried on gowns and jackets and shawls and shoes and purses. She accessorized me, advised me about my hair, make-up and jewelry for the gala event. She was heaven sent. I still believe in fairy god mothers…seeing is believing!

Thanks Ellen!

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Holly said...

What a fabulous story! I bet you look beautiful in it (can I see the princess dress sometime) and yay for Ellen! Sounds like I have to check out this store sometime. Happy are going to be the queen!!!!