Tuesday, December 06, 2005

First Blog

I want to be more accountable to myself as a wife, mother and most importantly as an artist..... so today I am beginning this blog.
My initial goals of this blog are to force myself to get more technologically with it and to expand my horizon's outside of Weddington, NC.

Thanks to Holly for her inspiration and putting up with my endless blog questions.

Top 10 things on my mind today...
1. I miss Chicago especially this time of year.
2. I miss Superdawg. My mouth waters just thinking of it.
3. The song Slow Motion by David Gray
4. How can I best explain God to my kids (one believes, one does not and one asks questions that took me 43 years to think of).
5. I want to play with polymer clay.
6. I need to get inspired and put up the Christmas tree (I dread this activity).
7. I needed to write in my journal today...this counts!
8. I lived up to my name last night (spacey otter) and forgot to take my daughter to her brownie meeting.
9. I want to be a real artist not just a pretender.
10. Let it snow! I want to catch snowflakes in my hands. See #3.


Gary Freedman said...

Good luck with your blog!

Holly said...

Excellent first post and you will rock with the blog!!