Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wild Mind Doodle

This is something I use to LOVE to do in H.S. and I have not made one in 3 or 4 years. I call them Wild Mind Doodles. It is my warm-up for my creative journey. Notice the road?
P.S. I'm the babe with the "S' on her shirt in the top right hand corner.


ym said...

Yeah,I can really see you had a lot of fun while doodling; wild, colourful and playful!
Thanks for the initiative, I'll post my 'play project' on my blog tomorrow.

kat said...

nice drawing! it's so much fun to look at!

Joy Eliz said...

I love this-you should post more of these:)
Thank you for the AW support - I really appreciate it!!

Holly said...

Very cool doodling! There is a watercolor artist/creative author named Dory Kanter (her book is Art Escapes - it's a good one) that does a lot of work with doodling. Remind me to tell you about it!