Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I grew- up Catholic. Every year I look forward to Lent. I love the ritual of making changes in my life. I find it a very healthy process. Sometimes the changes I've made become permanent additions or subtractions. Every Lent I not only give-up something negative but I also add something positive.

This year...

I'm giving-up : post- creative laziness. This means I'm going to clean-up my art studio every day for a minimum of ten minutes. Usually when I finish a project I don't clean-up after myself. This bad habit messes with my creativity. I'll be posting pictures of my art studio to hold myself accountable.

I'm adding : drink more water. I'll be keeping a log to encourage myself.

What are you planning to do for Lent? Drop me a line in this comment box and let me know. I'd love to hear and offer you my support. And don't be afraid... it isn't forever, it's only 40 days and 40 nights.


Kara said...

I love the idea of adding something positive. And I think it's great that you are giving up messiness - but if you look at it another way you are adding a fresh start for the next day! I have never participated in Lent - but I'll have to think about this today.

Otter said...

I try to do something to improve my life and then try to make a sacrifice... on that note:
- Pray every morning on the way to the Metro
- Read and write at least a hour a day at home

Sacrifice/give up:
- Binge drinking, for the most part, no week day drinking (I know weak)
- Limited TV watching... have it off as much as possible, and if I'm using the computer when the roomie has it on, put on my head phones and get something done. Exceptions are baseball and the NCAA Tourney

tess said...

You've got me thinking, Lisa. I will let you know shortly.

Meanwhile, happy water-drinking! That's one thing I do do, and you will likely like it if you just get into the groove. I am a water junkie! Does a body good!

And I LOVE your studio! OMG--how many stamps do you have?!?!? WOWza! I might have to get jealous! (BTW thanks for your very funny comment on my jealousy post! Are you really jealous of all those things, too--even people with English accents? :)