Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Power of the Buffalo

Jamie gets a hand from his beautiful wife, Penny.

Jamie Franki (above) shows the reverse of the 2005 nickel which he designed after his brother, Bill saw a contest calling for designs for the U.S. Mint’s artistic infusion program. I attended a lecture by Jamie for my A.D. last weekend. He spoke about how he feels a lot like a contestant on American Idol, his new found "fame" as the bison artist and how his life has changed in the past two and a half years. His success doesn't stop with the 2005 nickel, as his design for the obverse of the 2006 nickel was also selected. He said three years ago he never imagined his art on money. He humbly explains he's still just "Jamie" and not use to being compared to the likes of St. Gaudens and James Earl Fraser.

The thing about Jamie is he is such a down to earth man. Taking the time to tell his story and encouraging everyone to pursue their dreams. He says, after all his is a true American dream.

But the most special thing about Jamie isn't that he has created winning designs or that he is on his way to becoming a name in the art world, but rather, it is his deep and profound love for his wife. They are like two giddy high school kids when their eyes meet. It is very sweet.


Lori-Lyn said...

What a nice observation.

Julie said...

I just LOVE the irony that Jamie did the artwork for the nickel and his wife's name is Penny! I may just have a dorky sense of humor though ;)

In Otter Space said...

The gov. is redeisgning the penny and Jamie is working on a design!

But just so I don't get in trouble with my son let me clarify it's called a cent not penny.