Friday, February 10, 2006

Ready or not I got Tagged

My first tag........ (one more to follow later)

I've been tagged by SpiritDoll and it's the first time I've been tagged....twice in one day!....It is an Artist Way inspired kind of play....

4 Wishes, Dreams, Desires....

  1. I hope to move myself from the “shadow state” to the real stage. A real Writer, a real Artist, a real contributor (of my gifts) in the world.
  2. I desire a 2006 Black Mustang fully loaded (which says “Cool Chic”) instead of my Toyota Sienna (which says “Mom-Mobile”).
  3. I dream of a cabin in the woods with 15 or more acres.
  4. I wish to build an Art Farm. A retreat haven for artists of all kinds. This is part of the reason I want in that cabin in the woods.

4 Imaginary Lives
I have a vivid imagine nation. Literally there is an entire nation going on in my head!

  1. Young adult writer- novelist
  2. Singer/songwriter/poet (like John Hiatt or Bob Dylan)
  3. Children’s book writer and illustrator (like Dr. Suess)
  4. Disc Jockey (Alternative Radio not afraid to play Any Genre)
  5. Painter/ mixed media artist
  6. Vet
  7. Professional Wood burning artist (Like Sarah Grant of Sticks)
  8. Glass blower
  9. Middle School/Junior High School Teacher (like Mr. Piggott)
  10. Librarian
  11. Free Lance Writer
  12. Nature Guide
  13. The person who gets to name the O.P.I. nail colors
  14. Art Teacher
  15. Rubber Stamp Store Owner

4 things I should change

  1. Procrastination (and cancel my membership to its club)
  2. Use my time more wisely (sort of like #1 but different?)
  3. Be less insecure and more willing to take artistic risks. After all the art police do not currently have a warrant out for my arrest.
  4. Hire a housekeeper…paint more in my art studio more!

4 people I admire

  1. My husband - There are many things I admire about him but I especially admire his ability to focus on one project at a time (men are so lucky to be able to do this) and his wisdom to achieve his dreams at such an early age. Whoever thinks C.P.A.’s are boring never met my husband.
  2. My sister-in-law (Kay) - she is a gift of wisdom and friendship. Her insight has been invaluable.
  3. Donna - she is a constant source of humor, courage, wisdom and grace.
  4. Judy – the best boss I ever had. She taught me more than she will ever realize. I admire her ability to believe in me and see my invisible potential. Her guidance has helped shape not just me but everyone I come in contact with.

4 things I like about the Artist's Way

  1. The blogging community that is doing this current journey together- thanks Kat!
  2. The structure – It keeps me plodding along, challenges me and permits me to safely come out of my shell.
  3. The artist's date - the awareness and permission to fill my creative well
  4. Morning pages – Have not missed on yet…but I am a writer by nature so this is my oxygen.

4 things I still hope to get out of the Artist's Way

  1. I want to deepen connections and I hope that many of them will last beyond the finish of the Artist's Way. Maybe those of us most interested in continuing can form a support Circle for the Artist Way
  2. I want help coping with fear. Some days I get so scared of that stupid critic sounding off in my head that I don’t take any artistic risks.
  3. To open my blind-mind, to jump up and down and get excited and scream “YES! YES! YES! I made this little piece of art! Isn’t it lovely? Isn’t it so Lisa!?”
  4. Mostly, I hope to remain open to the journey through the AW and for that matter to remain open to LIFE!

I'm going to tag...

No one. Unless you (yes you, the one jumping up and down saying “Hey I’d like to answer those questions”, want to. Then feel free… and drop me a comment so I can take a look.


Kara said...

Thanks for playing. I loved your answers - well and what you borrowed sounds so wise to me when it's on your blog. You had me laughing out loud - please cancel my membership to club procrastination!
I'm saying Yes, yes ...right there with you!

Holly said...

you are an excellent writer my dear. you really are. so glad to see you plugging through is its own reward. BTW - you already HAVE done many of these things, but I know what you're saying....sometimes we can't see it in our own mirror. Happy day to you.

Leah said...

you are doing wonderfully!! :-)

um, and can you cancel my club membership while you're canceling yours? ;-)

artjunk~ said...

LOVE the OPI comment! Those names are truly hilarious. I used to wear, "no, I'm not a waitress"....

Artist Way Circle---I'm in!!

The fear---we all feel it, just start something anyway, that seems to help me.

Procrastination----I'll tell you about my problems....later......