Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Visual Journey

Because we are in week four of The Artist's Way this will be the only post this week. Here's a visual look at my requires almost no reading!

This was the Otter family's table cloth. I still find it so interesting. I use to stare at it while I ate dinner. One reason I liked it so has my initials in it -"LO".

In December before Artist Way began I drew this picture for my blog. I was pretending to be seven again! It really fits with this weeks' time travel theme.

As part of my Inner Compass project I challenged myself to try ATCs. This is my first Artist Trading Card. I'm hooked!!! More to follow next week!


The Oracle said...

I love the tablecloth. Cattle brands are so uniquely American and evocative.
I had a major attack of nostalgia a few years ago when I discovered the Wallace China Co. western patterns on Ebay. They reminded me of the china in restaurants out west when my parents took me on vacations in the 1950s.

artjunk~ said...

what an AWESOME ATC!!!! Love the colors, style, everything.

Holly said...

Wahoo! Glad to see you doing ATCs - it's a great outlet for all your mediums you work with. Soon you'll be trading and oh my....look out!