Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Warming Up Out Of My Ice Age

Julia Cameron writes on page 108 ~The Artist Way
If you want to make some art, make some art. Just a little art.


She challenges us on page 126 #2 to doodle will listening to some music just for joy. I listened to Jack Johnson's CD In Between Dreams. I bought it on an A.D. last week. As I listened I doodled and started warming myself out of my drawing/painting ice age. This is what escaped out of my brain.....

I can relate to John Hiatt's song Warming Up To The Ice Age
...this is the part of that song calling my name today...

She could melt the modern world
But she's just a modern girl
I think she's warmin' up to the ice age

Frozen like a punch bowl swan
Frozen like a mastodon
I think she's warmin' up to the ice age

I feel like this exercise was a great warm-up for the painting I'm about to do. The canvas is primed with Gesso and is now dry, ready and waiting for me. I'm still nervous and scared but this little fish drawing eased me out of my fear.


tess said...

What a cute little fishy! Congratulations beginning to thaw out! Good luck on your painting. Hope we get to see it!

Kara said...

How's the painting? I love the fish and though I'm not familiar with that particular Jack Johnson CD I can hear his style of music with that dancing fish. Love that you are feeling a thaw and warming up!

Holly said...

this is EXCELLENT!!! And no worries on the painting....if you hate it, then just gesso over it and start again. Would that life were so easy?!!