Saturday, March 18, 2006

Artist Dates

One of the things that Julia Cameron has given me is permission to go on Artist's Dates. Deprived from this activity for so long I have more than embraced this experience. My latest dates have been varied as well as awesome. Here's a recap of a few of the more memorable ones:

Went to a Bead show. Beautiful colors, so stimulating!

Took a faux Mokume-Gane class with Barbara McGuire. An educational experience to take a class from one of the Queens of polymer clay. And such a down to earth lady.

Saw Bonnie Riatt in concert. She is one of the best female guitar players. Period. Her encore was John Prine's ~ Angel From Montgomery. It took my breath away to hear this song live. Sigh.

Went to a poetry reading at Barnes and Noble (and bravely read a piece of my writing).

I mentioned earlier about Maureen Ryan Griffin's book Spinning Words Into Gold, but the part I didn't mention was she selected two of my pieces to be in her book. Small as it is I can now say "I'm published". At her book signing she asked me to read "Driven To Distraction". Two readings in one week, I'm on a role!

After all these years of being Mom, Wife, Laundress, Nurse, Cook, Chief Bottle Washer, etc... it feels a little decadent to be taking myself out on these dates. But it is so worth it and so am I!

"L" seems a bit better today. Hoo-rah! She's still not 100%, but also not at the scary level she was earlier this week. Thanks to all of you that sent wishes, thoughts, prayers, etc... I have learned there is no worry heavier than a mother's worry.


Cate said...

I'm so impressed with all of the "dates" that you have taken yourself on! I love Julia Cameron and think that artist's dates are one of the best parts of her program! I love that you've done such varied things--so interesting and fun!

P.S. Congrats. on being published--the first of many!
P.P.S. I'm thinking of your family, esp. your daughter! I'm glad she's feeling better but I think it's awful that she had to endure such pain. That's the worst position to be in--watching a child hurt and not being able to help. Hugs to you!

ArtsyMama said...

Thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog. CONGRATS on being published. That's wonderful!!! Love all your artists dates too. Thanks for sharing.

Kara said...

Otter, I am so glad your daughter is better - I hope the progress to 100 percent better is swift.
Congratulations on being published - I'm with Cate - may it be first of many!
Your artist dates inspire me and I'm happy you are giving yourself this attention.

Wenda said...

Congratulations on the readings and on being published. Sounds like you are on your way to a whole new level of writing pleasure.

Glad to hear your daughter is feeling a bit better. Sorry to hear about her pain and about your feelings of helplessness in witnessing her pain. I hope she will be fully recoverd soon.

Endment said...

Guess the internet ate my comment ...
Glad your daughter is improving

I can hardly wait for the book to arrive so I can read your pieces

Blue Dog said...

You saw Bonnie Riatt in concert? Lucky you! She's one of my favorites...and Angel From Montgomery is one of my favorite songs. I used to play that over and over and over when I'd drive home at night. And I'd sing my lungs out along with her. Unfortunately I no longer have a long drive OR a car with a CD player.

And thank you so much for sending me to Cloud Gate in Chicago. I really did love it there. :)

Hope L is feeling better.

Blue Dog said...

Dear Otter Space,
I'm such a dork. I meant to tell hobess thanks for sending me to Cloud Gate...and thank you to you for pointing out the Picasso (which I will have to save for next time) and where you used to work. It makes Chicago feel a little bit more familiar--even to me! I want to bring my husband back someday for more adventuring. btw, the Indian, Greek, and Italian resteraunts I ate at were INCREDIBLE! mmmm--I'm hungry.

Leah said...

wee, what wonderful things in your life! good on you for embracing the dates. sounds like they had a great effect on your life!

being published! that is SO exciting!! congrats!!