Monday, March 06, 2006

Checking In (recap of week 8)

Morning Pages: 7/7. Now suddenly feeling resistance about reading them. Ironic huh?

Artist Date: Daughter was sick both Thursday and Friday so missed the opportunity to go out on an A.D. However I did finish painting my rooster. Picture to follow soon.

Synchronicities: Slow week in synchronicity land, nothing major.

Other: Naming my dream: To be a published writer.
Action: Today (3/6) I submitted an essay I wrote to a local paper.


Living Part Deux said...

Good for you for submitting your article! That is the big hurdle - just getting it out there, whatever the results! Best of luck. I'm anxious to hear what happens next!

Kara said...

Good luck on the article but I already consider you a success because you took action!

I haven't been too gung ho to read my morning pages either.

You've inspired me to go drink some water.....

Cate said...

Oh, good for you for submitting! That's the first step! I echo the previous posters--you're already a success--you've written the essay and cast it out into the world! Bravo!

P.S. I never reread my morning pages. I just can't. It's almost as painful as rereading journals from high school--cringe the whole time!