Friday, March 10, 2006

Creativity Totem

Meet Lutra the Playful Otter.

Imagine my surprise when Cameron asks us to find our own creativity totem. Why I've had Lutra for years now. She was a gift from my sister Meg. She really is my mascot! She is very much a reflection of my own life. She has been broken and glued twice, carries purple, green and blue feathers, sports a beret (Jenny's beret), and wear a mauve scarf. She has a place of honor on my art studio shelf and oversees all of my projects.

I painted her nose gold because like her I have an amazing sense of smell. It is the strongest of my senses. My brother calls me the "super-sniffer". Which leads me to wonder about other people's senses. Do you have a sense that is amazingly more acute? Tell me about it.


GreenishLady said...

She is wonderful. I've been looking and looking. Wow! She seems to be truly a creative companion.

GreenishLady said...

Hi, Lisa, Sorry about the Green Thing. Don't know why the link didn't work. There's one at the end of the Green Post on my blog now that does work. Sorry! Let us see which shade you are. Endment is Teal Green.

Endment said...

What a delightful totem!
What is she made of?

Kara said...

I want to adopt her as my mascot too. I love this - it's just perfect - I can see Lisa playing in her studio just like a playful colorful otter.

I wouldn't say I have any supersenses - but I am really good at finding lost things in a pile of clutter!

Melly n David said...

My nose is really good too!

eliza said...

love lutra!

i once blew the minds of my eleventh grade english class by asking someone in the opposite corner of the large classroom if i could have one of the candies they were eating - grape "spree." apparently no one else, even those sitting close by, could smell it. i find my super sniffing power sort of waxes and wanes, however. this is good, really, because if it was always set on eleven it would drive me crazy. too much information! (a new meaning for that phrase?)

Cate said...

Lutra is an amazing mascot--I love how every piece of her relates to you in a way, esp. the nose!

You posed a difficult question--I would have to say that "touch" is my strongest sense (which surprises me because I'm not touchy-feely). But I hate blankets on my legs at night, sticky things, and being sweaty! I like granular scrubs and having my back tickled!

Thanks for that question--so interesting!