Thursday, March 02, 2006

Go Now and Be Otters in the Universe

Out in the street
a dollar is a dollar
and a man is a man

but we, knowing we are

sent out by our enormous
into this dream

commend the otters,
playful, smart and sweet

who prefer
to objectivity.

-Suzanne Gordon

In honor of Greenish Lady
and her poetry Thursday...
I dug this Otter poem out.
It was published in Rolling Stone sometime in 1977. (ish?)


GreenishLady said...

Oh, thank you. I'd like to prefer life to objectivity too. That's lovely! .... and there's more than me playing Poetry Thursday. Liz Elayne started it, and has a list on her sidebar at

There are some wonderful poems on offer this week - and new people joining in, which is great, too.

Thanks so much for this.

eliza said...

"who prefer life to objectivity" - that's great.