Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Published Again (Not Me)

My 14 year old son "H" walked in from school today with the mail in his hands.

"Hi honey. How was school?" I ask.

"Great. Really great."

"Do you have any homework?"

"No not much. But guess what I've been published again."


"Yes, here look." he says handing me a copy of the magazine with his latest article. One about James Earle Fraser that he researched and wrote a few months ago.

"H this is great. Wow! Hon' I'm so proud of you!"

This is becoming something of a habit for him. His second article in less than two months. On one hand I'm proud. All my hours spent typing and writing must have made an impression. And the writing and typing lessons I insisted on when he was nine certainly have aided him in his ability. When he was nine he thought his first draft was his final draft. Now he edits my writing telling me to delete unneeded adjectives.

I must admit though, I'm a bit jealous. The article I submitted to the paper hasn't been considered yet. The editor told me to re-send it, said he misplaced it. So off I go to resubmit my writing, hopeful that the little local paper will find it worthy. In the meantime, I'm putting on my sunglasses and relishing in the talents of my 14 year old son. Proud to say, "Yep, that's my boy!"


harmonyinline said...

How wonderful I am so pleased for you.

Endment said...

This is really too much --- Do you suppose he will give us some pointers?

Congratulations to you both
and yes my eyes do have a hint of green.

Blue Dog said...

the prodigy son! i might be a little jealous too if I were you--but then again, you know you'll always have someone in your life to talk about writing with. how cool is that?!

In Otter Space said...

Harmonyinline ~ I'm pleased too b/c he gets paid for these articles. Hopefully he can put himself through college.

Endment ~ It is too much, some days I wonder....Where did this boy come from? He is an old soul.

Blue Dog ~ You are right. We have the best conversations. He is a NPR junkie, knows more than I do about the Federal Deficit and has drafted several letters to various politicians about the cost/toll it is placing on the future of America.

Wenda said...

I'm not sure what I'd do if I had a son or daughter who was getting so published except take some pride in my influence and feel some gratitude for our common interest. Yay for both of you.

Cate said...

Oh, congrats to your boy! Yay!!!! What an amazing start for him. He should be very proud of his accomplishments! And I think that having a "literary mama" is probably a big part of his interest in/love for writing!

That's such a funny story to me because my four year old is quite good at making up stories and "writing" little books and illustrating them. I tell him about the stories that I submit and how the editors write back saying that they don't want to use them. He always tells me that if he were in charge, he would "buy" my stuff. I have often speculated that he would be a writer one day, but now I'm reconsidering: he'll probably be an editor! HA!