Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Letter of Gratitude to My Oldest and Dearest Friend

Dear Journal,


Strange, but I never have written the above words before.

Thank You dear Journal! You are a God to me, so selfless, so loving, always beckoning me with your crisp white pages. I love the feeling of dancing with you. Just letting go and spinning around in your arms, lost in the rhythm of the pen as it scratches across our white dance floor.

You are a cherished and ever faithful servant my dear, dear Journal. You have been the shoulder I lean on, the open ear that always listens, never yawning or looking at her watch.

You have caught many of my tears, soothing me like no one else can. What a wonderful non-judgmental supporter you are! In you I release and unleash life's daily burdens. Not only do you celebrate with me my most joyful times, but together we have been through the deepest throws of grief, sorrow, sadness, and depression.

And what have I done for you? Nothing! Nada! Zip! Never once thanking you. I feel so selfish. So Narcissistic! Yet there you are always affording me the opportunity to tune out the rest of the world and get in touch with the truer, deeper, rawer version of myself. You are the holder of all my secrets, concerns, joys, drawings and stories. A capsule of who I was, who I thought I was and who I am becoming.

It has been over 30 years and our relationship keeps growing and evolving. It is as comfortable as an old pair of jeans; like a well loved quilt, woven together with the bits and fragments that make up me. Like an old married couple you help me finish my thoughts. I trust you more than I even trust myself at times.

Have you felt every feeling I've written? Have you embraced my emotional release, my writer's cramp, my melancholy at the end of an old journal, or my joy in starting a new one? Why of course and never once have you complained about the late hours or my foolish imperceptiveness.

This surreal journey of crossing from the conscious to the subconscious has been at your gentle and persistent guidance. Thank you for beckoning me to come dance with you. I treasure you!

You are My Words,



tess said...

This is touching and beautifully written, Lisa. A love letter to the book of you. Your sentiments will help me cherish my journals more--and maybe even write one day this week. :) Thank you for sharing this with us. You are spinning good stuff!

Kara said...

I just adore your writing - so much of it is clever and I mean that in the most positive happy way. I would have never thought to write a thank you to my journal!