Monday, April 03, 2006

New Beginnings - Take a S.W.I.G.

The Artists Way is over.
Time to start some new things.
Endment is changing gears. She is Spinning Words Into Gold using Maureen Ryan Griffin's new book. I told her I'd give the first assignment a try too. Take a S.W.I.G.!

Assignment: Maureen asks us to write who we are in a ten minute sprint. Here's mine.

I am a woman,
yet inside still a little girl.
I am curious.
I am playful.
I want to create what I need
to be creative.
I am a student of life,
carefully studying what others have to teach.
Whether I embrace and agree with their philosophy is
not as important as
what changes
in my heart, in my mind, in my soul
while under their guidance.
I am a sponge
ready to absorb the drink of knowledge.
I love to play, to experiment, to mix
two things together to see the reaction.
I may be the raindrops falling down to earth,
No, I am more like the
newly sprouted seedling, ready to drink, ready to soak up the sun.
Joyfully springing forward.
I am alive in the NOW.


tess said...

What a great portrait of your playful, creative spirit!

In Otter Space said...

Thanks Tess.

I'm glad to see your back!

Holly said...

rock-a-doodle this is great!!!!!! I'm telling you L. - you are such a good writer! Love it and so happy for you!

harmonyinline said...

A really beautiful portrait.