Thursday, May 04, 2006

American Idol and Other T.V. Ramblings

I gave up T.V. as my New Year's Resolution. Mostly I have been very disciplined about it. On the weekends I watch The Suite Life of Zach and Cody with my daughter, but this is more to monitor her intake.

Somewhat proudly I declare I have never ever watched American Idol. Does this make me some sort of a weird anomaly? Am I the only one on the planet that could give a flying frappachino who gets voted off?

Lots of people raise eyebrows at me, but I don't allow my children to watch T.V. during the school week. They also aren't allowed to play computer or video games. I want them outside playing, exploring, getting exercise and interacting with other humans. My children don't mind because they have never known life any differently. I'm trying to establish healthy habits now. So far I think my plan is working.

I challenge
you to turn off your T.V. today. Instead take a walk, toss the Frisbee, talk to an old friend, check-out the garden or read a book.

Plus not hearing all those annoying commercials will do your brain some good.

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Endment said...

Love the idea... It is really easy for me- we have no signal where we live... We had the same rules when our children were young and I would do it again...