Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More Porch Pictures

The porch is progressing nicely. The sky lights are installed, the roof is shingled, the electrical is roughed in and the framing and electrical inspectors visited today. Tomorrow (Thursday) the insulation will be installed and then they can start on the ceiling. Friday the masons are coming to build the fireplace. It looks more like a lodge than a screened-in porch. It is so beautiful!


holli said...

I found your blog through Cate's. I must say I think if this is just a "porch" it looks massive! It's beautiful. I love "under construction" blog pics!

Cate said...

This is going to be spectacular, Lisa! I can't wait to see it when it's done! What a lovely place for you to go to create--I can just imagine you curling up with a notebook and a pen on that porch!

lemonpopp said...

What a massive structure! When you said a screened porch, I imagined the usual little addition. Wow! It will really be nice when its done.