Saturday, May 20, 2006

Porch: Need Your Help!

The ceiling will be polyurethaned but what we are still trying to decide is whether to just paint the rest or polyurethane the parts that can be and paint the parts that can't be polyurethaned.

What do YOU think?
Opinions PLEASE!!!!


Terri said...

Oh wow....this is coming along SO well! It's just gorgeous.
My opinion....go with the polyurethane. I like the "wooded" look and feel to it. But I think either way, it'll look supper.
Gosh, you must be SO excited. Love the French doors leading out there from your house also.
I'll be back to check again soon.

Steven said...

Difficult to get a complete feel of the space by the pictures so far, but it looks like it's going to be an absolutely gorgeous addition to your home when it's finished. I'd be leaning towards the natural look- accent the beauty of the wood grain with polyeutehane.

Endment said...

I guess I would vote for polyurethane - but I am so drawn to the structure that I am seeing... Wow I would love to put a similar addition on here
I love love love windows!!!

Kara said...

That space is beautiful. I love seeing all the trees and greenery. I'd keep it as natural as possible - maybe if you have to paint anything go for an earthy natural color and not just stark white. You'll figure it out. It must be very exciting to see this taking shape!

harmonyinline said...

Oh sooo lovly