Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Porch Progress and Grouse News

Very exciting progress has been made on the porch. Monday they built the walls and part of the roof. Yesterday they finished the roof and attached half of the plywood onto the roof. Today they plan on finishing the roof. The finished porch will have a wood burning fireplace and will measure 27' X 22'. Our outdoor living room! Stay tuned for more pictures.

The past few weeks a pair of grouse have been hanging around the house, munching on seeds that have fallen from our bird feeders. I've been told they are in transition and are headed west for the mountains. I certainly have enjoyed their visit!


Endment said...

Wonderful progress!!!

Terri said...

This is coming along SO well. It'll be beautiful and you sure will enjoy that "outdoor" living room. We also have one, with hot tub and fire pit....and spend most of our time out there.
Good for you! I'll be back soon.

Kara said...

Wow, wow, wow - that porch is really neat. Love all the pictures of it's development - the stamped concrete - foundation - framing. I bet you are going to love it - when can I come visit!