Monday, June 12, 2006

Where Am I?

Well here's where I've been.....

On my porch of course! Which after two and a half solid months of work people in my house I'm loving the privacy.

And in Charleston with my mom. Oh so lovely. If you've never been to Charleston please go! It is a southern city like no other.

At my son's 8th grade graduation. My first off to high school. Hey I was just in high school. How can this be?

On my porch.

Preparing for the summer.

Driving my soon to be 7th grade son to camp.

Writing....writing.....writing.....(in my purple spiral notebook, in my pretty covered journal, in my composition notebook, on a napkin, wherever........)!

Oh. Yes and I did I mention I've been on my porch a lot. Even bought a new blender! Which has come in handy quite a bit. I'll be back but I'm going to be gone for a, family, vacations,etc.....