Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back To School and Line Dried Sheets

School started yesterday. On a Friday!? Go figure. But there is a reason. Public Schools here can start no early than August 25th. This year August 25 happened to be a Friday. Wasting no time the Administration started school Friday.

Having the children back at school seems like a good time to start some new things myself. Nothing glamorous just some basic "house weeding". Clearing up the accumulation of unhandled things. The things in life that never seem as important or at least not as interesting as the other more pressing details of life. Traveling as much as we did this summer so many things seem to have slipped into that category.

This morning G and I were cleaning up the kitchen. And I finally put away the tubes of caulk that have been hanging out on the counter top all summer. It felt so good to FINALLY take care of that. Life gets like that. I get so busy with the routine I fail to see the tubes of caulk piled up all around me on the counter tops of my life.

My break is over. I'm going to head off for some more decluttering, vacuuming and cleaning. I've been drying my sheets on the line and I think they are dry. Line dried sheets smell and feel so AWESOME! I can hardly wait till bedtime.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Porch Side

Here in North Carolina we have an annual tax-free holiday. It makes me very happy to buy things tax free. This year our holiday was August 4,5 & 6th. SO?
So, what better weekend than the holiday to buy a new notebook? And why not go wireless?
Hey I'm out on the porch this minute listening to Dave Matthews, sipping a bloody Mary, breathing in the sweet aroma of my neighbor's freshly cut lawn. Today is a rare August North Carolina humidity, perfect temps., a perfect evening.
Soon I will update on the bounty of experiences I indulged in this summer. Like honeydew melon melting in my mouth, it was so ripe with fullness.
After a summer away, a summer filled with great memories and so much travel.
....the best summer ...... ever!
And now it is time to take another dip in the hot tub, top off my battery!

Continue to pray for world peace.

Soon I will return...