Friday, August 18, 2006

Porch Side

Here in North Carolina we have an annual tax-free holiday. It makes me very happy to buy things tax free. This year our holiday was August 4,5 & 6th. SO?
So, what better weekend than the holiday to buy a new notebook? And why not go wireless?
Hey I'm out on the porch this minute listening to Dave Matthews, sipping a bloody Mary, breathing in the sweet aroma of my neighbor's freshly cut lawn. Today is a rare August North Carolina humidity, perfect temps., a perfect evening.
Soon I will update on the bounty of experiences I indulged in this summer. Like honeydew melon melting in my mouth, it was so ripe with fullness.
After a summer away, a summer filled with great memories and so much travel.
....the best summer ...... ever!
And now it is time to take another dip in the hot tub, top off my battery!

Continue to pray for world peace.

Soon I will return...


Anonymous said...

When were you drinking a Bloody Mary?

GreenishLady said...

Wonderful solution to your need to spend all your time on the porch! Welcome back! Look forward to your tales of travels and summer.

Endment said...

Can hardly wait to hear all the stories you will tell from your comfy spot on the porch :)

Holly said...

What a wonderful feeling this post inspired. And do I read correctly in that you have a new laptop????!!! You go writing girl! GOOD FOR YOU!!! You SOOOO deserve it. Miss you, thinking of you and SO happy you're loving that porch (and all that goes with it, including the bloody mary!!).