Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Collage Art for Note Cards

I made collages today. The stamped images were painted with a variety of twinkling H2O paints. I'm going to be in a craft show the first weekend in December at St Matthews Catholic Church in Charlotte and these collages will make beautiful cards. And that is what I've been up to this week, happily making lots of my note cards.

I've also been playing with the Cricut. Last night I taught my daughter's girl scout group how to make home made journals. They decorated them with cut-outs from the Cricut. Afterwards I read them Mary Oliver's poem, The Summer Day and had them write a five minute gratitude list.

One thing I really like about the Cricut is I can make window cards with ease. I love making window cards!!! One thing I don't like about it is sometimes it gets "confused" when cutting on smaller paper and sends itself back up to the top. Therefore cutting on the mat and not the paper. It does this after already starting a cutting project. I will post some Cricut projects later this week.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

M.I.A. - The worms

My worms ran-away! So I bought some more down at the gas station and those worms died. I bought some more worms and those worms went M.I.A.. Do you think the worms are trying to tell me something? All I'm left with is a stinky container of kitchen scraps and wet half-eaten newspaper. Some worm farmer I turned out to be! I guess I'm just more of a city girl.

A craftin' city girl that is because last weekend I bought a Cricut. I've only played with it three times including last night at my monthly rubber stampers meeting. But I can already tell, it's love! I've checked out a few Cricut owners blogs. I saw some very fun and creative ideas. I'm looking forward to posting some projects of my own in the near future.

Today's Girls on the Run lesson was about listening. We were stressing the importance of how to be good listeners. As class was ending, one girl raised her hand and told the group that today she learned in order to have a successful team everyone on the team has to be a good listener. Then another girl added that good listening is not only using our ears but our eyes also. What smart young ladies! I'm so proud of them and love coaching Girls on the Run. It is such an awesome program. Click it out!

Monday, October 02, 2006


I started my own worm ranch yesterday. Being a newbie I have no idea what I'm getting myself into...

HERE'S what I did....

I took a large plastic tote box and punched some drain holes on the bottom. Next, I filled it with moistened newspaper. Then I added a mixture of grass clippings, kitchen compost, a bit of clay and potting soil between each newspaper layer . Finally I added the fifteen or twenty volunteer worms. So far so good.

Do you have a vermi-compost ranch in your life? I'd love to learn more.