Thursday, October 19, 2006

M.I.A. - The worms

My worms ran-away! So I bought some more down at the gas station and those worms died. I bought some more worms and those worms went M.I.A.. Do you think the worms are trying to tell me something? All I'm left with is a stinky container of kitchen scraps and wet half-eaten newspaper. Some worm farmer I turned out to be! I guess I'm just more of a city girl.

A craftin' city girl that is because last weekend I bought a Cricut. I've only played with it three times including last night at my monthly rubber stampers meeting. But I can already tell, it's love! I've checked out a few Cricut owners blogs. I saw some very fun and creative ideas. I'm looking forward to posting some projects of my own in the near future.

Today's Girls on the Run lesson was about listening. We were stressing the importance of how to be good listeners. As class was ending, one girl raised her hand and told the group that today she learned in order to have a successful team everyone on the team has to be a good listener. Then another girl added that good listening is not only using our ears but our eyes also. What smart young ladies! I'm so proud of them and love coaching Girls on the Run. It is such an awesome program. Click it out!


Cheryl said...

Sounds like your drainage holes were to big. You can always add window screen to the bottom so they cannot get out. Or... if they are super moist, they can slime up the sides and get out. You can create a top with the lid and window screening as well~

Endment said...

I suspect you may want to get some instructions from a different source... :)

I want to see more of your Cricut... I have been thinking of getting one but will be watching to see what you do with your own projects.

GreenishLady said...

My worm-bin is a really deep enclosed bin. It started with a layer of bark-chippings, damp straw and then a gradual addition of kitchen scraps, very little grass-clippings (as that does go stinky quickly), and over a few weeks, built up the quantity of material added. If it gets slimy or smelly (it seldom does now, more than 4 years in operation), I add a dry shredded newspaper.

On the topic of Listening, I recall in training, hearing that good listeners use not just ears, but eyes and HEART too. I like the idea of that project with young girls. Well done!