Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cricut Review

If you have been daydreaming about owning the Cricut like I did for months, I suggest to stop. Move on with your life.

I give it a disappointing thumbs down.

Since it came out I have wanted one and waited until there was a very awesome sale. I had seen a demo and was impressed. Every day I would daydream about it. Imagining how much better my crafting life would be with a Cricut in it. I had even put it on par with a microwave's status in the kitchen.

Well in the seven weeks that I have owned it, I have felt totally ripped-off and more and more unimpressed. I'm thinking about selling it on e-bay. Once again proving that cool toys always look better on the T.V. commercials.

I think the crowning moment of disappointment was when I tried to impress/show my mother in law, a non-crafter, how cool the machine is and was left feeling embarrassed because it totally failed me. We were trying to make a simple Christmas card and needless to say it was a total disaster. The blade jumped around. The snowman and stocking did not cut properly. I ended up doing most of the cutting by hand with scissors. I fiddled with the Cricut for a while to make it work. I was determined to make this card. But then I looked at my mother-in-law growing bored and felt like a chump.

The machine's blade is either too sharp or not sharp enough. There is only a small window when it is just right. The same goes for the mat. It is either too sticky and ripping the paper or not sticky enough and the paper shifts leaving the project looking a bit like a four year olds art project.


felicia latkowski said...

I experienced the same problems the daY I took my machine out of the box. Don't ginve up. After some frustration I got the manual out and started to read the trouble shooting tips. They really helped. Set the dial on the left hand side ( bottom one) to 5 and set the number on the blade to 5. This really helped - the paper did not stick and the cuts came off the mat very easily. Also, I purchased the Cricut tool kit - the tools made it alot easier to lift the cuts off the mat. Yesterday my paper was moving around when I tried to cut - I pressed and smoothed the paper on the mat before I loaded it into the machine. It worked. Don't give up - it's a great machine.
Aso, the lady at the store where I purchased the machine told me not to put fingerprints on the mat - this will cause the paper to slip. Hope this helps.

Felicia Latkowski

holly said...

Hi lisa! I would contact Cricut from the web and go from there. Money back, useful tips, free blades, something...
Good to talk to you and Loved the pics of your Mom. what a wonderful treat. Happy day to you. H

GreenishLady said...

I didn't know what a cricut was when I saw you say you wanted one or were getting one, and how wonderful it would be... Sorry it's turned out to be a disappointment, but I'm glad you're getting some tips. Anyway, now I don't need to feel jealous that you have this wonderful thing that I didn't even know about!

Anonymous said...

You need to adjust the pressure of the blade. Check out the manual or better yet go to their website and see the video on how it works. They show adjusting the blade.

Endment said...

I am sorry you are so disappointed!

I appreciate your post -

I have another acquaintance who is even more disappointed than you are with her purchase - she has been back to the store and found they were experiencing similar problems.

At any rate – now I don’t have to go out and buy one – I may have to learn from experience – but now and then it is a welcome relief to have it be someone else’s experience :)

anniesalem said...
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Anonymous said...

I love this machine. I read the book before I started playing with it.
My 20 year old son even had fun making stuff with it. The tool kid makes a big difference.
I have the cricut expression.
The best $330.00 I have spent in a long long time.
I am a cricut lover.

Lyndy said...

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong.

When I put paper that has some cuts out of it in my Cricut Expression, it doesn't recognize the empty spots and cuts into the paper like it was a full sheet.

I thought it was suppesed to only cut on and recognize the remaining paper.
Thanks for any help anyone can give me

Anonymous said...

This machine is a piece of junk. Anyone saying otherwise probably works for the company. Seriously, I should have just stuck to my scissors.

Anonymous said...

The machine will ignore your blank spaces. This seems to be easiest if you have unloaded your paper but have not turned it off yet and remove your cuts but not the sheet of paper. If you reload the paper and then select the "load last" setting it will remember where it last cut. The directions could be upgraded to be more user friendly, but it does work. I think there also needs to be more guidance on what settings work the best for which types of paper. Say, if you are using 20# paper you should use the setting X; if you are using card stock, use setting Y. This would help save the blade and the mats. It takes some playing with the settings. IF you have the settings wrong for the type of paper, then it will cut up your mat or not cut through the paper.

Anonymous said...

Horrible!! I too spend more time with the scissors. It kept freezing alot, until it finally just quit on me. I've had it for 11 months, and honestly used it about15 times for small projects because it kept freezing. I don't recommend it at all!

Vicki said...

I just spent a weekend at a scapbooking retreat. If you don't want yours can I have it??? What a fantastic machine.

We were using very well used mats - just push the paper onto the before inserting - and no problems! The mats are only a few dollars each anyway - very cheap.

The owner has been using hers regularly for over a year and has not had to replace the blades yet.

I cut corrugated card, velum, paper, and everything in between! It was fantastic.

Just adjust speed and blade depth on the left to custom it to your work.

blade of 4 - card
Blade of 3 - paper

Speed - reduce your speed down to 1 or 2 if it is an intricate pattern.

Even better they now have a new product which means that you can use any truetype font or dingbat from your computer and weld together.

It is the best product ever!

New Zealand

Jayne said...

It was nice, strangely enough, to read that not everyone was happy. I thought mine would help me get motivated and all I am is more frustrated. I bought the Cricut Design Studio Software and it's been a nightmare for me.

Tina said...

I just got my expression for christmas. I was so psyched! I feel like a deflated baloon. I can't figure the darn thing out. I've been getting some tips, like if its 65# paper set it at so and so, but the problem is none of the scrapbook paper I already have is labled with a # number. I finally figured out the setting for regular patterened paper, but I can't figure it out for regular cardstock. Do i have to use cricut brand paper?

Anonymous said...

Buy a silhouette SD sooooo much better!!! I love my silhouette!

Anonymous said...

I have a cricut expression and many cartridges. I will admit that I am not a proficient cricut user (you should see the ladies at my local scrapbooking store, they are amazing) and that it can be a little temperamental trying to figure out what pressure and speed to use, and sometimes it will tear (I think maybe that's where the tools come in handy but haven't tried them) but I did want to offer a suggestion to those who were having problems with the mats being either too sticky or moving around. Personally I like it better when they are less sticky, because it can cause tearing. What you do to prevent the paper from moving around when the paper is less tacky (and make your mats last longer) is buy green painters tape and just tape all four sides of the paper before you load the mat in the machine. Experiment with what amount works for you. Because it is painters tape it comes off easily, just don't tape where you are cutting. Works like a charm. Some people re-spray with adhesive sprays but I prefer this method. Hope that helps someone. And yes, I agree, PC should put out instructional DVDS or something. The basics aren't hard to learn but it sure doesn't make you a cricut master. But don't expect to be an expert right away, it *is* a learning process.