Monday, November 13, 2006

My Mom's Surprise Visitor

Woo- Woo!!
Who Is Taking My Picture?

Dottie and Lynn arrive for lunch.

Surprise Mom! It's me!

Dottie (Lynn's sister/best friend) had a heck of a time getting Lynn to slow down and stop for lunch on her birthday. My mom is a very busy and active lady. Let's see that morning she went to mass, walked 2 miles, got her hair done and then had a manicure. All before lunch!

Wearing sunglasses and my Ace Hardware baseball cap with a Girls Rule sticker on top, I shout Surprise! and snap her picture. She still hasn't realized it was me. She's just reacting to her picture being taken. Woo-woo Lynnie!

After a great lunch, with lots of laughter, tears, wine, pasta and love we light another candle for Lynn.

Happy 80th Mom! Love You!

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GreenishLady said...

Your Mom looks so great! That must have been a wonderful birthday surprise for her. Glad it went well!