Friday, November 03, 2006

Shh. It's a Surprise!!

Can you keep a secret? I'm in Chicago on a secret mission. Today my mom turns 80! And she has no idea I'm in town. Tonight the family is all gathering to celebrate.

But first my aunt is taking her out to lunch after their hair appointments and I'm going to be waiting at the restaurant. Surprise! I can hardly wait. I feel like the little girl I use to be, so excited about giving her mommy a real cool present. I can't wait to hug her and tell her I love her.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!
Your baby girl has come home to help you celebrate!!!


In Otter Space said...

Those are my boys dancing with their grandmother at an Arthea Franklin concert at Ravina. Woo-Hoo! Party!!!

Cedar said...

Oh, how neat for you and your mom.

When my mom turned 50 I surprised her by showing up at her surprise party.

Now I am fifty! Amazing.

B Kiddo said...

Beautiful post!! What an awesome gift for your mom! Happy 80th! I love surprises! Especially birthday surprises - click here to see how I was pucked for my fortieth!

B's 40th Birthday

B Kiddo said...

I just realized my mispelling... it should have read PUNKED not PUCKED! (Punked is FRA's word for it)

What wonderful emotion your mom must have experienced. It is the most beautiful thing to discover how loved you are...

GreenishLady said...

That's great. I hope the party and the surprise was just the best fun for everyone.

sari said...

Sounds like a wonderful surprise!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Anonymous said...

Lovely blog! What a wonderful surprise for your mom, and happy 80th to her! (Is that her in the fancy pink hat? Too cute!)

In Otter Space said...

Yes it is my mom holding me. In 1964 we were high styling babes!