Monday, January 08, 2007

Being Flamed

Have you ever been flamed? I didn't even know what that was until three days ago.

According to the Urban Dictionary, Flamed is defined as follows:
  • being attacked online/on a forum.
  • to be flamed.
  • usually overly harsh, and often using references to personal information.
  • flames are an unfortunate, but inevitable, element of unmoderated (or user moderated) forums.
  • Often done "anon".
  • also known as falmes.
It is interesting how many new readers I have had these past few days. Mostly all have come to read a Sunday Scribblings Post I wrote last year about chocolate and the toxicity it causes in dogs.

I never really expected Petsmart to pay my vet bill, I really only wanted them to remove the product from their shelves. The fact that Petsmart had given my dog a sample of this treat in a puppy training class aided me in my bad assumption that it was O.K for dogs....I trusted the instructors and did not read the label. Shame on me. NEVER AGAIN!...

This piece was written as part of an online writing project about Chocolate. I learned the hard way and wrote it in hopes of letting others know about the dangers of chocolate for dogs.

Being flamed has really hit a nerve for me. Until now all of my readers have been kind and friendly, but this last batch of readers have been writing some very awful things about me and the city I live in. I even closed my blog for a few hours, but later decided to open it back up. I will not allow a few mean-spirited know-it-alls ruin my online experience.


Kara said...

I'm sorry this has happened to you. It's also really good to let others know chocolate can kill dogs. Glad you opened back up.

Cate said...

Okay, I'm fluctuating between this blog and your 44 (or is it 43) words one, and I stumble onto this post and am absolutely enraged that you had to deal with that. There's something off with people who gang up and attack . . . and though I don't know the whole story, I've got your back, sister! My dog nearly died from eating chocolate and I would think that a place like PetSmart would NEVER offer any products containing it. I mean, come on, already!

Our blogs are our creative outlets. I am so glad that you didn't let a bunch of jerks take back your power! xo