Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Start My Pen!!

Today is the day. I'm ready to start my creative pen flowing. I've been waiting for this day for months. Mentally preparing for it. I'm nervous, excited, scared and happy all at once. My pen and writer's notebook are anxiously anticipating and soon my computer will be packed and ready to head North on Providence. That is a sign, a very good sign.

I just love today's writing tip (see the orange box to the lower right):

Celebrate every writing success and never lose your sense of wonder about each opportunity.

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Endment said...

I discovered I was not maximizing my journal or my pen... got some inspiration from Suzanne Tourtillott "Making and Keeping Creative Journals" and now find I am writing, drawing and otherwise finding myself inspired.
Of course - if the journal has to be written in a daily orderly style - it probably belongs to someone else :)
Have you seen - Finding Water