Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fourth Grade Writing Prompt

As a parent volunteer, I'm writing along side fourth grade students this Winter. The purpose of this week's writing assignment was to make a small moment seem large. The prompt we were given this week was...

Think about something that happened yesterday. Write a story telling about this event.

How Gross!
By: Lisa @ Inotterspace

Yesterday, I was sitting in my art studio writing. Earlier in the morning I had refilled the empty bird feeders. As I was pausing to think about what I just written, I looked out the window to enjoy the birds munching on the seeds. I watched for a few moments, thinking about my writing when suddenly all the birds flew away in a great big hurry.

A micro-second later a white flash blurred past my window followed by another white flash. These two flashes slowed to a screeching halt to reveal themselves. They where none other than Jenny and Dash, my two Jack Russell Terriers and Dash was in hot pursuit of Jenny.Dash quickly reached Jenny’s side and as he did she turned her body around so that her back was to him. He tried to move towards her face, but she just growled and turned her body so her tail area was facing his muzzle. Then without warning, Jenny took off like a rocket.Dash started barking and followed after. Around and around the house they raced, sprinting like two crazed terriers. Eventually they both tried out and came to rest in the front yard.

They continued their dance they had done earlier with Jenny turning and growling whenever Dash tried to get close. Her growling was so loud, it sounded like a grizzly bear had taken residence up in my front yard.As she turned I saw something in her mouth. What was it? Dash backed away from her, exhausted from the chase and found a sunny patch of grass and settled down to catch his breath. Then I saw Jenny toss something up in the air. Again, I thought what was that? I saw a glimpse of something brown and red as she placed it down in the grass. Then she bent down and started chewing it. I put on my glasses to get a better look just as she started rolling over whatever it was that she had been chewing on. Gross! It was a field mouse and the red I saw was the mouse’s insides coming out.

She laid in the grass right next to her catch and closed her eyes. Dash saddled up and soon Jenny’s eyes were wide open and she was growling again. Standing up, she put the mouse in her mouth and made a playful charge at Dash and then turned and took off in the opposite direction pausing to look over her shoulder to see if Dash was in pursuit. When she saw that he was, she stopped and casually tossed the mouse in the air and caught it gracefully in her mouth

This game went on for a long time. As I watched them play I thought about Listerine and wondered if it were safe for dogs. And if it were, how would I manage to pour some down Jenny’s gullet. I never rinsed a dog’s mouth out with Listerine before, but it seemed like a good day to start.

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Indigo Bunting said...

Listerine's probably worse for the dog than the mouse. Ah, fellow carnivores...

Cool exercise for the class, and fun example!