Sunday, February 25, 2007

Week Two - Uncovering A Sense Of Reality

Today it is raining, soft and gentle and I liken this rain to my journey on the Finding Water path. The weather perfectly matches what is going inside of me; a gentle nutritional rain.

I did my M.P.s everyday. Sometimes they happened in the evening, but at least they happened. What works best for me is to write after the house is quiet and everyone has left for the day. All though it's not first thing in the AM, it is mentally the best time for me to write. And my writing at this hour has the most clarity because I'm relaxed.

I had several A.D.s this week. First, I went to the public library, walked around, pulled some interesting books off the shelves and spent an hour playing with words and researching first names and their meanings. After that I walked to a Taste of Thai restaurant and ordered a spicy chicken and vegetable dish. It was delicious and the spicy food woke-up my palette. On my second A.D., I went to Renfrow's Hardware and wandered around looking at the roosters out back, then I bought some mesclun lettuce plants and came home and planted them. My third A.D., I took my dogs and went for a godly walk. We found water (see picture above) and the spring peepers (frogs) mating calls were so loud they were almost deafening.

I didn't do well on daily walks. In fact, besides the above mentioned walk, I did very little walking. Except for Monday when I took the dogs for a half hour walk in the neighborhood.

I worked on the divining rods. With resistance. I kept thinking, I'm not doing these, they are stupid and a waste of my time. Then reluctantly I took out my writer's notebook and did a few. Later when I came back to reread them I discovered that EVERY time I wrote "Diving Rod" instead of "Divining Rod". I hate diving, it scares me. So of course I found that interesting.


The Dream said...

Thanks for your comment today. Hilarious!!! I, too, write out "Diving Rod" ever single time -and since I LOVE diving, rather than going for the big cross-out on the page, from this point forward, I will leave it is as. The "undeniable pull" thing - obviously, I could be dubbed the "Queen of Resistance." Change IS good, but only when I say so ... much work to be done here.
Peace, Ei.

The Dream said...

I added you to my link list - hope that's cool with you. Looking forward to going through your entire blog later today. Sweet dogs and otters!

Cedar Waxwing said...

I am jealous that you can walk to somewhere that has spring peepers. I love to hear their mating calls.

GreenishLady said...

As my computer is behaving today and letting me move from page to page without locking up, just want to peep in and say hello, and find you doing something very interesting - finding water! Now I'm going to have to go find some too. Seaweed baths are calling! Enjoy it all.

Leah said...

what a great post!! it sounds like you had a really great week. i loved reading about your artist's dates!

The Dream said...

Thanks for the sweet comment regarding my sister, Mary. I definitely feel her presence in my life. In the first several weeks after she died, I would pick up the phone to call her ... forgetting. But, a lot of healing since then. How are you and the doggies doing? Diving deeper into the water?

Elizabeth said...

Great Post - well done on what you have achieved. I'm jealous of all those Artist's Dates... I keep writing Diving too, but think of it as diving into the warm waters of creativity and my true self... she's in there somewhere ;-) Hope you enjoy week 4. Love your dogs.