Thursday, March 15, 2007

Uncovering A Sense of Balance

NO, I have not vanished. It is just Julia's book has been such inspiration for me and I've been busy writing and writing and writing. Which is good. It is what I am supposed to be doing...writing.

My novel is really taking shape and I am so surprised at times by what happens to and with my character, Jaime. I almost feel like a visitor spying in on this process. Especially when I remember to keep my pen moving and worry about editing it later. I constantly remind myself, I'm just laying down the skeleton now and will hang the skins off of it soon enough.

I have also been teaching a craft class at the elementary school once a week. The girls in my class are keeping my characters real. These young ladies are giving me as much as I am giving them. Today I taught them the importance of experimenting and showed them how to do shrink plastic with a heat gun. It was fun to watch their amazed faces.

Also I'm attending my writing class once a week and making new friends with an awesome group of fellow female writers.

Plus I am writing a daily post on my other blog.

Lots of excitement in the air for me. My goal to finish my novel before the end of the school year. It will be a great challenge, but I see the vision of it complete. So I have faith I can do it.

I am so thankful to be alive and productive in the world right now. Particularly because of some of my own personal struggles and challenges, I believe putting myself to the page everyday may be what is actually holding me together.


The Dream said...

VERY loud clapping coming from Maryland!!! So delighted to read about your writing surge. As I am a big reader, I'll look forward to reading your novel. Enjoy!

Leah said...

yay!! i'm excited for you!!

Jessie said...

holy cats, woman! that's great. i can't even tell you how gooood this feels to read. you mean there's hope?? :)

keep it up, sister!

Elizabeth said...

This psot really helped me, thank you! Well done for the big mass of writing. YAY! to you! You have filled me with positivity too, go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the writing, writing, writing.

Dizzie Ms Lizzie