Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cricut Review

Chapter Two

After tons of frustration with my Cricut (read previous article here), I brought it back to AC Moore, the store where I originally purchased it. The manager was very kind and tried to help me adjust the blade. He even called several staff in to see if they could get it working. After a while he gave up and said that my machine was defective and offered to give me a brand new one. I gladly accepted, took the new one home and started to use it.

Unfortunately, the new machine worked no better than the original one. I went on-line to attempt to trouble shoot it. I tried every suggestion, but to no avail. So I brought the second machine back and once again the manager tried to make it work. He looked really embarrassed and after some time of fiddling with it, tossed his hands above his head in disgust. For the second time, he offered me another new machine, but this time I declined and asked instead for a store credit. He said he'd give me a full refund on my card, and I said, no worries, telling him there are always craft supplies that I need/want and since he was accommodating I felt his store deserved my business.

The only items he could not refund were the open cartridges because I was missing the receipt. He apologized, but I told him no worries. Later I found a crafter in the store looking at Cricut cartridges and after a short conversation told her she could have my three opened ones. She offered to pay me for them but I refused and told her to just enjoy.

I used my store credit to acquire a Cuttlebug and lots of additional supplies, spending more money than the store credit was worth. Even though it is made by the same company, Provocraft, the Cuttlebug has not failed or disappointed me yet. And the store earned my respect and much repeat business for being so helpful and facilitating with my Cricut problems.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Slurp, Slurp, Burp! (Or why I'm grumpy in the am)

That's the sound I hear every morning just after I drop my son off at school.

Making the turn onto Providence Road into heavy traffic is something that requires my full attention and hands so I'm not paying much mind to the goings on inside my car until I hear the infamous, "Slurp, Slurp, (followed by a long pause) then BURRRRP. I curse, "Damn it, Dash!"

But it's always too late, he's already chugged the remains of my coffee. A Jack Russell Terrier on caffeine is never a good thing.